Maggie – Gonzaga Preparatory School – Spokane, Washington

Maggie's Senior Potraits, Gonzaga Prep, Spokane

Maggie is (as you can probably tell) a cheerleader at Gonzaga Prep. She’s also close friends with Nia, whose senior portraits I had taken earlier in the summer. In fact, Nia and another friend came along, and they were quite the trio.


Maggie's Senior Pictures, Gonzaga Preparatory School, Spokane

In fact, the three of them sort of make up a sketch comedy team, always on the go, moving in and out of accents, picking up themes, switching characters, all in pure delight. The entertainment was quite good, and we got a few fun photos, to boot.

Senior Portraits, Spokane, Washington

Anna – Riverside High School – Chattaroy, Washington

Anna's Senior Portraits, Riverside High School

This is Anna, who drove all the way into Spokane from Chattaroy for her senior portrait session, which we took (and this kind of seems unfair) about three blocks from my house. I had never met her in person, but walking through the park with her and her sister and mom was a lot of fun.

Riverside High School, Senior Portraits, Chattaory, Washington

Anna was also a natural model, open to ideas, and bringing some of her own as well (including the cool playground swing idea above). The shoot included turtles, bridges, swingsets, rock walls, sunsets, and a very cool pink dress.

Anna's Senior Portraits, Spokane, WA

Nia – Gonzaga Preparatory School – Spokane, Washington

Nia's Senior Portraits, Gonzaga Prep, Spokane

This is Nia, from Gonzaga Prep.

I had already taken Nia’s brother’s senior pictures several years ago, and I had even shot their dad’s wedding, so I can say without reservation that this is one great family.

Nia's Senior Pictures, Gonzaga Preparatory School, Spokane

Nia is equally into theatre (she handles the lights) as she is into softball (she’s the team captain this year); she’s as diversified as she is fun. My favorite shot, I think, is this last one–it captures how careful and quirky Nia is, as well as being comfortable in her own skin.

Spokane Senior Portraits

Sage – Lewis and Clark High School – Spokane, Washington

Sage's Senior Pictures, Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane

This is Sage, from Lewis and Clark High School.

Sage's Senior Pictures, Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane

Some fall colors, trees with cool branches, park benches, loading docks, red doorways, and a little green hillside. Sage’s photo session had a little bit of everything. Including the first relatively smoke- and haze-free sunset we’ve had in a week.

Senior Portraits, Spokane, Washington

David – Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington

David's Senior Pictures, Cheney High School

David, with his folks and little brother, and I wandered around the Spokane Falls to get his senior portraits. It was a beautiful evening, and we walked around at a leisurely pace (mostly because my equipment prevents me from going too fast).

David's Senior Pictures, Cheney High School

Here’s a secret about David: ask him to make a serious face, and he might–just might–start giggling. Great guy.

Senior Portraits, Cheney, Spokane

Mackenzie – Spokane, Washington


This is Mackenzie, and as you can see, we shot down by the river.

Mackenzie's Senior Portraits, Spokane

At the end of the evening, past sunset, it was dark, but I had an idea for one last shot. I moved my lights around, and had her stand up on some giant boulders. I think she had her doubts, and I’m pretty sure her mom thought it was crazy, but I really liked how the image turned out.

Senior Portraits, Spokane

Alicia – Shadle High School – Spokane, Washington

This is Alicia, from Shadle High School, and the balloons were totally her idea.

Alicia, Shadle High School, Senior Pictures, Spokane,

Actually, she had a lot of good ideas. She wnated to use the carousel at Riverfront Park, too.

senior portraits, spokane, riverfront park, carousel

And then we ended up in some of Spokane’s excellent alleys. With a fedora. Which pretty much rocked.

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